It’s moving day!

Moving into your own apartment or house is often a college student’s first experience with handling money. Below are some tips on how to save.

  • Make sure you know how much your rent is, and whether utilities are included. If they aren’t, you are in for a depressing surprise the first month.
  • Before you sign up for a cable or internet provider, make sure you shop around. Much of the time, if you get cable and internet, it is a packaged deal.
  • Create a monthly budget. Factor in how much money you make a month, then subtract what you will be spending that month, whether it’s on clothes, entertainment, food or utilities. Keep it in view each day so you aren’t tempted to spend money on something that isn’t calculated in the budget.
  • If you pay for your utilities in your apartment, turn the lights off when you leave. Turn off the TV, turn off anything electronic. It will save money in the long-run. The same goes for water. Keep showers short and you will save money on your water bill as well.