Laundry tips you wish your momma had told you sooner

By: Joy Priest, The Kentucky Kernel

Splash ’Em Out Wash ‘n’ Fold Coin Laundry has two convenient locations in Lexington, one of which is located right near campus on Waller Avenue. However, this particular laundry service doesn’t even require your presence to get your clothes clean. They provide pick-up service for their customers.
“We actually come and pick up people’s laundry and drop it back off as long as you are in the Lexington area,” said Opal Atkins, a Splash ‘Em Out employee. “We do UK Plus Account and we do have an ATM machine now as well.”
Splash ’Em Out, which provides same-day service, is the perfect laundry help for a struggling, stressed out student. Not only do they provide laundry delivery, but they accept the most popular campus currency: Plus Account.
Although Splash ’Em Out has affordable prices, they still may land just a little bit above your financial resources. So the Kernel Entertainment Guide is providing you with our version of “doing laundry.”

1) Separate your colors. Last time I Googled, tie-dye was only fashionable in the 60s and 70s. So, you want to be careful of what colors you wash together so as not to have the “tie-dye effect.”

  • Dark clothing, such as blue jeans and blacks in one pile.
  • Whites sectioned off all alone.
  • Reds (these can go with darks if it’s not a valuable/expensive material)
  • And finally, whatever is left, i.e. your “lights” (teals, yellows, pastels, light greys, etc.)

2) Once you have your piles or “loads” separated, place one of them in the washer. In another attempt to skip the tie-dye effect, each load needs to be washed in a certain temperature.

  • Darks    ~    COLD water
  • Whites ~    HOT water
  • Red    ~    COLD water
  • Lights ~    Warm water

If you didn’t pick up on it, there is a pattern here. The darker the material is the lower or colder the water temperature should be.
3) Whites that are completely white can be bleached to conserve brightness.
4) After washing each load, place it in the dryer on an energy level that corresponds to the value of material.

  • Cotton – regular or high heat; delicates – low heat