Furnishing a new apartment


Joy Priest

The walls of my room are decorated with emptiness and strategically placed certificates that suggest I’m “accomplished” — a substitute for a deficiency in true home interior design. Décor is nonexistent in my drab abode, primarily due to an absence of funds.

Hey, I’m a college student … and you are too. So, maybe you suffer with this same predicament. Well, the Kernel Entertainment Guide decided to go searching for some decoration deals that may satisfy your budget, or lack thereof.

First up is Room Service, Inc., a local consignment shop with up to 9,000 square feet of space to drop off your furniture pieces on consignment for some extra cash. On the other hand, if you’re patronizing to purchase, Room Service sells gently used furniture and even has a layaway option to accommodate a smaller budget.

“Prices are marked down regularly … and we play the best music in Lexington,” roomserviceinc.com boasts.

Another option is Another Man’s Treasure, a 20-year-old furniture business in Lexington sure to meet your furniture needs with new, used, antique and closeout furniture.

“A lot of college students come in when they are moving into their apartments in the summertime and sell to us when they’re graduating and moving off, and we buy outright,” said Dottie Gibbs, the store’s owner.

Buying outright means students moving out of apartments with furniture still sitting around can call Another Man’s Treasure, agree on a price and have a scheduled pick up at no cost. This is a convenient option students can consider during a last-minute frenzy.